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Hotpoint Ultima XUL85 T3U WOJH Fridge Freezer - White.


The Hotpoint Day 1 Ultima XUL85T3UWOJH Fridge Freezer in polar white is the ultimate in food preservation and is part of the Day 1 Fresh Technology Range that maintains first day freshness up to 14 days. This intelligent technology consists of Precision Temperature Control combined with the Ultra Fresh Crisper that prolongs the life of your food and Active Oxygen that helps to prevent growth of bacteria protecting you and your family. Also as part of the Day 1 technology is the 3-in-1 zone that provides 3 functions you can choose from to preserve your food. They are Super Cool+, Safe Defrost and Chill mode which delicately keeps a constant airflow around 0°C ideal for yourmeat as well as fish. You will never have to defrost your fridge and freezer again thanks to its fully frost free technology with improved cold air circulation that prevents ice build up. Best in energy efficiency with its superb A+++ Energy Rating saving you money and stylish with its sleek design that will look enticing inside your kitchen.

Day 1 Fresh Technology

Day 1 Fresh Technology

Maintains first day freshness so you can preserve the original quality and freshness of your food for longer. The new and revolutionary Ultima 60cm fridge freezers use the latest DAY 1 FRESH TECHNOLOGY consisting of Precision Temperature Control (Multipower Inverter), Ultra Fresh Crisper, Active Oxygen and a 3-in-1 Zone to provide outstanding food preservation.

Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen

First day freshness for up to nine days. Active Oxygen technology keeps food ‘first day’ fresh for longer by releasing trioxygen (O3) molecules that inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 90% and neutralise odours by up to 70%.

Temperature Variable Zone

Temperature Variable Zone

The new Temperature Variable Zone in the top freezer drawer allows you to manually set the fridge at various different temperatures between 0ºC to -26ºC giving you total flexibility. *Please note it will take varying amounts of time to reach your chosen temperature setting.

Product Information:

day-i freshness system

maintains day 1 freshness for up to 14 days on your fresh fruit and veg

active oxygen system in fridge = up to 9 days freshness and 70% less odours

3 in 1 zone 3 ways to extend the life of your food for longer. 1 drawer with 3 functions to extend the freshness of your food for longer. chose from super cool + - a cold air boost which can drop food temperature 70� to 3�c in 30% less time; chill mode - a delicate chilled air flow constantly guarantees the ideal temperature (around 0�c) to preserve fresh meat and fish limiting the microbial growth; safe defrost - defrosts food at controlled low temperatures (� 4�c) and prevents bacteria growth and avoids tissue damage during defrosting process

super cool

super freeze

open door alarm sound

led lighting


  • CAPACITY SPLIT : 50:50
  • HEIGHT : 1895 mm
  • WIDTH : 600 mm
  • DEPTH : 728 mm


Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labour

Bonus Warranty: 1 year Labour and 10 years Parts

Included in this price is a contribution to recycling cost of 5.00
List: € 799.95
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