Clarity Soup Maker

The newest addition to the Morphy Richards soup maker range is our first that lets you really see the difference.

The clear jug of this soup maker means that you have control over your soup's consistency, every step of the way. Clear like glass but without the weight, the Tritan™ plastic body makes soup making and serving even easier. 

  • Clear Like Glass - The Clarity soup maker is made from clear Tritan™, allowing you to monitor the consistency of your soup and achieve your desired results every time. The BPA-free plastic is also lightweight, giving you more freedom to move around and serve up your tasty soup when it's ready.
  • Made to Your Taste - The Smooth programme blends and gently cooks soup in just 21 minutes, while the Chunky programme cooks wholesome soup with a thicker consistency in 28 minutes. If your soup is a little too chunky for your liking, just press the Blend button until the texture of the soup is to your taste. Additonally, the Smoothie function means you can create delicious smoothies in as little as two minutes.
  • Feed the Family - This stylish soup maker fits well into any style of kitchen, and with an innovative top-down design that allows for a large 1.6 litre jug, you can make enough soup for up to four servings at once. Perfect for catering for guests quickly and in style.
  • Ready When You Are - The added keep warm function automatically keeps your soup warm after your selected programme has finished for up to 30 minutes, giving you time to finish getting ready for dinner.
  • Easy to Clean - The Clarity soup maker includes a Clean mode, which leaves the soup maker clean in just four minutes.* The soup maker also features an easy clean non-stick coating, making cleaning a breeze. After you've enjoyed your meal, just give the jug a quick rinse under the tap, wipe it with a soapy sponge and your soup maker is ready for next time. For best results add half a cup of water or stock to the soup maker before placing in any solid ingredients. *Over time, the clarity of the body will deteriorate with prolonged use and cleaning. This is normal and will not impair the performance of the product.
  • Simple One Pot Cooking - The Clarity soup maker is designed to be quick and easy to use. Simply prepare and chop your ingredients into small pieces, place them inside the soup maker and choose either the smooth or chunky setting. For best results chop your ingredients to 1 cm – 2 cm pieces to allow quicker cooking and better blending. The easy to use control panel features an LED countdown display that shows exactly how long your soup has left to cook while you just sit back and let your soup maker do the hard work for you.
  • Safety Feature - Please don't overfill your Soup Maker. Your Soup Maker has a useful safety feature to ensure you can not overfill your Clarity Soup Maker. It is important that your combined ingredients don't exceed the 1600ml MAX fill line. If this does happen the Overfill Sensor will cut the power to the Serrator Blade and the LED screen will switch off. If this happens, simply remove some of your ingredients so the MAX fill mark is not exceeded and wipe clean the Overfill Sensor on the Lid.

morphy richards clarity soup maker

tritan bpa free plastic jug

1.6 litre

4 settings 21/28 min cycle

easy clean



Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour

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